Blog-Mas | 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter is soon to start and we’re slowly moving on from Autumn and into the even colder months. I thought i’d do a little post on some of the top trends I think are super important at the moment…

Statement Boots

Patent, animal print, velvet, metallic, high knee, funky heel, embroidered or just plain amazing…Whichever you choose, statement boots are a necessity this winter. I personally have a few pairs of heeled boots i’d consider ‘Statement’ and I love them! I think with a stand out boot, it helps when you maybe don’t want to dress fancy or put in the effort with an outfit – throw on a pair and they immediately enhance the look. Or even if you want to mis-match your colours and prints, they still work! The reason I’ve chosen boots opposed to shoes is purely because it’s colder and I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than wearing boots. My favourites this season are the velvet, silver and animal print boots.


Knitwear is probably the most obvious piece of this post, however you just cannot beat it. My personal favourite kind of knitwear is oversized, chunky and anything with a roll neck! I also seem to have created a theme of greys and nudes…

Wide Leg

It’s only been recently that i’ve started wearing skinny jeans again…for the most of Spring / Summer I stuck to my loose wide leg favourites – and this is starting to creep back to me. Whether it’s a culotte, or a full leg wide pant I just love them! I think they’re super comfy and can be styled with anything! These are some of my favs…Also got a slight pinky theme going on…


Two HUGE trends this Autumn / Winter has to be metallics and velvet, and they’re kind of rolled into one. I’ve been seeing alot of crushed velvet on the high street recently, and that material in it’s self kinda rolls into a metallic finish. Especially with the party season shortly upon us, it seems like the perfect trend for this time of year. Whether you’re opting for a shiny midi skirt, velvet ankle boots or a statement party jacket – it’s a trend you need in your wardrobe!

OTT Tops

I say tops…probably more aimed at blouses, however they’re still tops, right? The more frill, ruffle, lace, layered, OTT embellishment you can get seems to be the hit right now. I’m really loving this trend. There are so many ways to style these blouses this season, Plain with skinny jeans, a  stunning midi or mini skirt or even a full tailored suit for a power dressing approach.



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