Blog-Mas | M&S Calendar – Emma Hardie

I received the Marks and Spencer Beauty Calendar as a lovely gift before December, and yes I did try very hard not to open them all at once, but I failed. (not sorry) One item that was from day 11, or day 3 in my case, was the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. This is a product i’ve heard a lot about previously so I was excited to try it.

I’ve always used skincare products, whether it be a facial mask, cleansing oils or skin peel moisturisers, but one thing i’ve also always used is make up wipes. I recently read an article (here we go) about how bad wipes actually are for your face because of the harshness specifically around the eye area, and how the products in the wipes prevent any other skin products from getting into your skin. Either way, I gave the cleansing balm a go…OH WOW.


To use, you simply put a little blob of the balm in your palm and add a few drops of warm water and rub together and wipe over your face… your makeup literally melts off. Can you tell i’m new to luxury products like this? It’s AMAZING. It leaves your skin feeling so fresh and cleansed.  After using this it makes me not want to use wipes ever again.

Unfortunately this product is one of those super expensive ones, a 200ml tub is around £60. And the way I go through products, it probably wouldn’t last all that long. However, It’s a definite recommend.

You can buy the Emma Hardie balm here … Emma Hardie



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