Blog-Mas | 5 Tips For Boxing Day Sales

I’ve never really been one to fuss over the boxing day sales, unless there is something I’ve wanted for a really long time and I know it’s going to be going in the sales I’ll look out for it. However, I tend to wait until the new season stock is in the shops as i’ve more than likely bought things I already need by time Christmas has come.

The chances are, the deals aren’t even that good… and to be honest a lot of places will bring out old unsold summer stock and even last years winter stuff to try and get rid. Here are some tips I think are worth baring in mind if you’re brave enough to head to the shops this year.

1, Plan

– Know what you want and where it’s from, sale shopping isn’t just a Sunday browse. (it’s an art) To get the best, always check when stores are starting their sales. Depending on how shopping savvy you are, most people try and go when they start. E.G. if you go to the Next sale at 6am Boxing Day morning, sorry but you are crazy lady!! Think about that and work your day around it. If you don’t want to many people near you, go on a different day or at a later time. Remember the sales generally keep until late January so there’s no rush.

2, Don’t bother trying things on

– The chances are the fitting rooms will be either closed off or ridiculously busy. As long as there is a returns policy within about 2 weeks, why not try it on at home in a more comfortable, flattering environment. That way you can try with other items of clothing, and if you don’t like it, return a week later when the queues are less.

3, Is the price right?

– A lot of shops i’ve noticed try to be clever and put a sale sticker on at the same retail price…hell no! So if you think you’re buying a bargain, or if it’s too good to be true, have a little look online to see if you can see the original price. No-one wants to be ripped off.

4, Don’t be hot headed

– It’s way to easy to be succumbed to buying everything and anything in the sales, but the best way to go about it is to be rational. Think about it. Do you need it? Probably not. If it’s something you’ve wanted for a while, then okay buy it! But if you’re shopping for the sake of it, you’re more than likely going to hate it in a couple of weeks, and well whats the point in that? The best things to buy in sales I always think is coats, bags and shoes – because well they’re the more pricey items and generally keep for longer.

5, Shop online

– Easier. Faster. No fuss. No queues. I know this will be my preferred option this year.



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