I’ll admit it, my first post of 2017 wasn’t expected to be written on the 28th January aka basically Feb, but hey ho what can you do? It’s been over a month since my last blog post, but then again I did do 25 posts in December so maybe that makes up for lack of content.

I’ve been lacking motivation regarding my blog, the overwhelming stress of Uni just seems to take over, and well after a year off, I seem to have forgotten what it feels like. I certainly haven’t missed it.


On Friday I visited Edinburgh with my Uni course for a ‘field research trip’. It was initially so we could explore the galleries and museums, see the grass market and all the vintage shops it had to offer, but let’s be honest, it was pretty pointless. From Newcastle, it took about 2.5 hours to get there via the most bumpy, up and down country roads i’ve ever been on. It’s safe to say we all fell off the coach ready to vom.


After spending approximately 15 minutes in the National Museum of Scotland, (5 of those minutes was probably spent peeing and waiting for the slow moving lift) we decided to head to Harvey Nichols to try and gather some ‘inspiration’.


Now I don’t know about you, but when in Harvey Nicks, the only thing I gather is the dying desire to purchase everything in my sights – whether thats a Gucci bag, Valentino heels or a VB dress. But due to my poor student funds, the only thing I was purchasing from HN would be a 5p carrier bag.

Anywho, we swiftly left the store and headed to find lunch.




I’ve been to Wahaca before down in London, who doesn’t love Mexican Street food? So we chose to eat here. Obviously starting on the cocktails at lunch time was a given, so me and two others ordered Margaritas whilst waiting for our table. I had the chicken burrito ‘pimped up’ with a side of squid, and another Margarita. It was delish! To our amazement, we could pay via an app. Who’d have thought that in the 21st century you could pay on an app? Obvs not us. Seriously though, all restaurants need this it makes it so easy, and you don’t have to wait f-o-r-e-v-e-r for you waitress to come back to your table.



After here, me feeling about 30% tipsy as that was my first meal of the day along with two cocktails, we thought it best to head to another gallery so our day wasn’t completely wasted. The National Portrait gallery was supposed to be of beneficial use to us…nope. All we did was do a lap and leave, not for me. So what do we do? Head to the bar.


We found a lil place near where we were meeting for the coach home called The Newsroom. This quaint find was lovely, we ordered a pitcher of some raspberry and gin cocktail and sat and drank until we had to leave.


(p.s. this is Lottie – and if you read this love don’t hate me for the pic you look cute)

I guess all wasn’t bad as I got nice food and drinks and a blog post out of the day, however was it worth the 5 hours travelling? Probably not.



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